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Hunting & Dog Pictures Nov
John and son Clayton with guide dog Dutch.   
Karen and Dutch
Ashlynn, Ruger, Shawn, Izzy and Kyle after their Thanksgiving morning hunt
Doug, James and Tyler with guide dog Dutch. 
Three generation hunt.  Chris, CJ and grandpa Steve.  
James, Dave and Neil
Lucas, Toby & Link, Diana and Pete (holding Locke).  
Clint, Robert, Mark, Cecil, Nathan and Kaleb with just part of the birds they got on their hunt.
Caleb, Nathan and Coy with Pete's dogs Tessa and Fiona.  Tessa is almost 13 years old and still going strong.   
Peter, Maggie, Lucus, Todd and Dutch.  
Ginny checking out the birds from her hunt with Jesse, Bill and Dixion.    
The Lannings

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