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South Dakota rooster
DT'S PONY EXPRESS COWBOY x  NOBLE RIDGE JOYFUL JUDY V GREIF  have a litter of 8 puppies whelped April 5.  6 females and 2 males.  Top photo is Judy.  Bottom photo is Cowboy.  ALL PUPS ARE SOLD.  OUR NEXT LITTER WILL BE SUMMER 2020  SEE OTHER AVAILABLE LITTERS ON OUR CLASSIFIEDS PAGE.  
Black collar male 2nd pick- Davis 
Turquoise collar female  First Pick - Riddle  
Red collar female - 2nd pick Freeman 
Greem collar female 5th pick Williams 
Purple collar female- 6th pick- McCormick 
Blue collar male 1st pick male
Orange collar female- 4th pick Duncan 
Pink collar female 3rd pick Richie

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