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Joy and Birdy
Joy retrieve
Grif x Joy red collar male pup,   
Grif x Joy Male Pup, black collar.    
Grif x Joy male pup, yellow collar 
Grif x Joy female pup, orange collar 
Grif x Joy female pup, light blue collar 
Joy's Black and Blue collar males
Joy's Black collar male
                      2016 LITTERS 

We are planning litters for both Joy and Birdy for this year.  Pups will be selected in the order deposits are received.  We prefer hunting homes or homes with large acerage.   $800

All of our 2016 pups are SOLD.   We will only be having one litter in 2017.   
Birdy with her 12 pups.  Visit our facebook page Noble Ridge German Shorthaired Pointers to catch updates from families with puppies from both Joy and Birdy pups.   
Grif x Birdy red collar male 
Grif x Birdy light blue collar male 
Grif & Joy's red and blue collar pups.    
Grif x Joy male pup blue collar   
Grif x Birdy blue collar male 
Grif x Joy male Pup, brown collar 
Grif x Birdy green collar female 
Grif x Birdy Grey striped collar female   
Grif x Joy female pup, green collar 
Grif x Joy female pup, purple collar 
Grif x Birdy yellow collar male 
Grif x Joy Female Pup, pink collar STAYING AT NOBLE RIDGE 
Grif x Birdy tan polka dot collar male 
Grif x Joy black collar male pup

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