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Grif x Joy male, Gus
Grif x Joy female pup, Holly. 
 Grif x Joy pup, Ella 
Grif x Joy female, Remy. 
Grif x Joy male, Tucker
Grif x Joy female, Chloe. 
Grif x Joy female, Sophie, found herself a baby bird and thought she had quite the prize. 
Remy at her new home.  See her video on our facebook page. 
Grif x Joy's Ella 4 months old  She's been swimming. 
Grif x Joy female Remy. 
Grif and Joy's Mindy and Chloe relaxing at home  
Grif x Rose pup, Link , one year old.  Loves the water.  
Grif x Rose pup, Cletus, now weighing in at 30 lbs.  
Rooster number 2 for Gemma.  Grif/Birdy pup.  
Joy/Grif pup Remy.  Almost 8 mo old.  
Rose daughter, Auttie, one year old
Ella on training hunt (Joy x Grif) 
Trigger was begging to go grouse hunting
               2014 LITTERS

Visit our Facebook page to see picture albums of each litter.  
Noble Ridge Von Greif x Huenenbrink's Pride And Joy puppies
Noble Ridge Von Greif x Noble Ridge Wild Rose pups.   
Noble Ridge Von Greif x Noble Ridge Sage Bird Hustler pups
Grif x Joy's Mindy chasing Jake

 Grif x Birdy female, Gemma.  9 weeks
Grif x Rose female, Daisy-mae.   
Grif x Joy male, Trigger, two and one half months.  
Grif x Rose male, Link.  
Grif x Birdy male pup.    
Grif x Rose male, Remington.  One year old.  
Grif x Rose pup Sally
Rose/Grif pup Daisy on point
Birdy/Grif pup Gemma on an outing in the snow 
Link (Grif/Rose brown collar) had a good time on his family's pheasant hunt. 
Joy x Grif pup Gus
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