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We purchased what is now Noble Ridge Ranch in 1987.   It has been a working cattle and sheep ranch.  I use to make a yearly hunting trip to eastern Oregon to bird hunt with my dad.   My work as a veterinarian, along with the ranch work, kept me too busy to keep up the tradition of the yearly trips that I loved so much.   Now that I am retired from my veterinary practice and our kids are grown I have decided to put the extra time and effort into a game bird hunting preserve on my own property.   I am setting aside 100 acres of grass land to use solely for bird hunting.  Other areas of the ranch are being left undisturbed for wild birds to nest and grow.  My goal is to improve the wildlife habitat at the ranch to increase the wild bird population.   We want to give hunters, as natural a place to hunt and work their dogs as possible.  We currently have four German Shorthaired Pointers.  Noble Ridge Von Greif or "Grif",   Huenenbrink's Pride And Joy or "Joy",  Noble Ridge Sage Bird Hustler "Birdy" and Noble Ridge Joyful Judy V Greif.   We use them to guide hunts but they are also family members.  We also have a litter of GSP pups every year.  

We love meeting and making friends with many bird hunting and bird dog enthusiasts young and old.  

Duane Stutz 

              Matt Stutz, Rose, Duane Stutz

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